Digital Running Course

A Lean, Strong, Injury Free Running Body. 
Avoid Costly Rehab, Unwanted Injuries and Training Plateaus. 
Without Wasting Valuable Time, Energy and $$$

*** Expect to see Positive Results after JUST 6 Sessions ***

 If you want to Enjoy Freedom of Movement and Successfully bring the Energy gained from Running into your Daily Life - This is for You.
 This Course has been tested over both the Marathon and the Mile distances. My advice is that you decide what distance you like running the best and deploy this training plan ASAP
Learn How to Harness the Power of Free Energy
Run Faster - Injury Free
In this Running Digital Pack you will


Course Highlights
27 Transformation Exercises on video that Will Change the way you Look, Feel and Move FOREVER.

Learn the Keys to Smart Training

How to implement High Performance Training Techniques 
And if you're a Complete Beginner there's even a 30 Day "Quick Start Guide" 
We all stand, walk, run and move in a slightly different way, and that's OK. I don't want to force you to change how you move or your running style. I want to give you techniques to help you bring symmetry and strength into your body while helping you to stay injury free. The goal
of this E-Running Pack is to help make your daily physical movements and workout sessions as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible so you can exercise in a way that brings energy, relaxation, and reward
into your life, rather than leaving you tired and sore. It gives you the power to take control of your body, know how it works and how it moves for you while introducing you to an understanding of what is required to achieve optimum health.

 The majority of people are only aware of how their muscles look and feel from the out-side and therefore only train what they can see. Because Quantum Flow Running trains and improves not only the muscle but also the fascia and the organ functions of the body, it works on 3 different levels. By focusing on these three systems simultaneously you are facilitating and encouraging a deeper and more complete form of Health, Fitness, and Vitality. Think of this as a 3 Dimensional approach to movement that is sure to give you an edge and help you achieve your full potential with no extra training time required.
Topics Also Covered
  • ​Getting the Basics Right
  • ​ Self-Assessment form 
  •  Correct Running Technique
  • Core Control 
  •  Smart Nutrition  
  •  ​Getting Motivated
  • Warm-up Routine - 9 Exercises
  • ​ Stability and Mobility - 9 Exercises
  • ​ Recovery System  - 9 Exercises
  • ​These Exercises are Ideal to use in conjunction with an already established Exercise program
Get the Quantum Flow Digital Running Course
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  Now Only - €65.00
  • A Training Plan to Make your sessions Focused and Efficient. Teach you how to Calculate and Use your (PRN) Performance Rating Number for Efficient Training and Progress
  • ​Daily Exercise Routine to help you stay Energised All Day Long
Get the Quantum Flow Digital Running Course
delivered to Your Inbox
  Now Only - €65.00
"Whether an Olympic athlete or a newcomer to running and exercise, this book is an excellent motivating companion guide to a more thoughtful and active life. It provides a methodical approach to all physical exercise and training to enable the reader to stay injury free and achieve more than they ever thought possible."
Prof S. Gaine, Chief Medical Officer of the Olympic Council of Ireland
Full Running Book - Digital Version
Client Testimonials
"I have been working with Tony & his Quantum Flow Running System for the past year. Since starting his program my flexibility has improved dramatically and I have remained injury free. I combine his workout program with my own gym work and find they go very well together. The extra core strength and total body awareness that I now have, helps me get more out of every workout." 
""I have been incorporating Tony’s Quantum Flow exercise program into both my athletic and gym workouts for the past 18 months and find it a great addition to both. The increase in my flexibility, core strength and power has been very noticeable. It has helped me reduce my incidences of injury and has helped me make big sporting gains by training smarter. I would highly recommend using this program to help you get the most out of your chosen exercise routine - whatever it may be."
"After the birth of my third child I found it hard to lose some unwanted post baby weight. I started training with Tony in his Pilates class and with his guidance I started running not long after that. I have been using his program ever since. I am now running ½ marathon distances comfortably. His program provides me with all the daily energy and vitality I need to look after 3 young children and stay in great shape."
Here's What You'll Get
27 Transformational  Exercises (Video)
  9 Warm-up Exercises
9 Stability Exercises
  9 Recovery Exercises
Access to My Private Facebook Running Group
Complete Quantum Flow Running Book (Digital Version)
Quick Start PDF's Including:
 Self Assessment
Core Control
Correct Running Technique
Getting Motivated
Smart Nutrition
The Importance of Water
How to Calculate your Performance Rating Number (PDF)
10 Session Training Log   (PDF)

***That's Not All***

We're Also Giving You These Very Special Bonuses Today To Help You
 Get The Most Out of Your Fitness Routine

BONUS 1: Daily Energy Level 1( 20 min home exercise routine) video
BONUS 2: "How to Build an Abundance of Mental and Physical Energy in 7 Days" pdf
BONUS 3: Daily Energy Level 2( 20 min home exercise routine) video

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